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Achievements Map

Achievements Map

The Achievements Map is the best place to start a new resume or interview process.

Unsure what to write on your resume?

Frustrated after an interview went wrong?

Skeptical on how YOU can be authentic and persuasive while talking about yourself?

Most of us write resumes that reflect our responsibilities. We take too many words and summarize everything we've ever done.

There's an easier, more impactful way.

-Map your Top 5 Achievements

-Build an Achievements-based Resume

-Try it out in low stakes networking conversations

-Validate with a mentor or coach

You'll find your voice and feel confident for high stakes interviews.

Available in Google Sheets or Excel:

Achievements Map
Download XLSX • 21KB


1) Speak with the hiring manager (or your closest, best resource) to understand the key challenges and growth strategy for your target role.

2) Select your top 5 measurable achievements from the past 2-4 years most relevant to the challenges and growth strategy you learned.

3) Note the titles down. Practice a few examples in STAR format in a low stakes networking conversation or practice round with a peer. Watch their body language - how do they respond? Is the story impactful? Which details can you reduce to get to the point?

Use this to narrow down your best achievements to a true Top 5.

4) Practice, practice, practice with a mentor or coach. Validate that the story matches the role and improve your clarity.


From speaking with employees at your target company, put the highest priority principles on the tab, 'Step 1'. Then the next priority group in Step 2, and the rest in Step 3.

This will save you time and ensure you're highly confident on how your achievements reflect the top priority principles.

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