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The #1 Mistake Job Seekers Make

Updated: Aug 4

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Stop shopping for jobs. Image by Ricardo Resende via Unsplash.


85% of jobs are filled through networking (Hubspot). Instead of spending hours browsing and clicking, spend that same amount of time showing up for events and cultivating your network.

Step by Step

  1. Find a Marquee Event for your target company or target industry. Go there and get curious.

  2. Join a LinkedIn Live session or watch a replay. Ask a follow up question to the presenter and start a conversation.

  3. Find connections at your target company. Make a genuine approach and request a coffee chat today. Don't feel embarrassed that you want to learn from them! :)

  4. Ask for an intro to someone on your target team. Ask about the biggest challenge and biggest opportunity for their role & team.

  5. Ask them to intro you with the hiring manager for an informational chat. Use your notes from the team member conversation to develop your agenda and talking points with the hiring manager.

Pro tip: Use our Achievements Map to organize your self-presentation before you reach out. You'll know exactly which points to lead with and have your data points top of mind. It's much easier to network when you know your Reasons to Believe!

What's going on?

I've been been speaking with clients and browsing r/Sales to explore where we get stuck in our job search.

Unfortunately, getting a great job is not like ordering shampoo on Amazon. You don't browse, add to cart, and check out.

When you cold apply for roles, no one is looking out for YOUR resume and chasing this up on the other side.

Only 2% of cold applications go anywhere.
85% of jobs are filled through networking.

Ask yourself: how many hours did you spend this week 'Amazon shopping' for your next job?

Quite a few, right?

How much time did you spend actually networking - showing up, leading with genuine curiosity?

One hour? Two?

Next week, try this: take all the time you are spending on scrolling, clicking and refreshing your inbox...

And spend that time on networking instead.

The 1-2 hours you spent this week networking? That's how much you can spend on exploring job postings and clicking apply.

Give this a try for ONE WEEK and I promise you will never go back!


I've got the resume, why isn't it working?

I won't go in on this article about:

-arcane minutiae of automated resume screening (I'm no expert)

-extreme scale and speed recruiters operate at (if you knew, you would sympathize)

-why job descriptions are broken and not to be taken at face value (article coming soon)

Taking action > feeling frustrated
Exploring and getting curious > ruminating on rejection

Don't click apply til the hiring manager tells you

Here's a challenge to organize your search around: don't click apply until the hiring manager tells you.

Neil, are you crazy?